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Happy Customers = Great Testimonials!

  • Happy Customers = Great Testimonials!

    "The problem with calling 911 when your computer goes down is there really ARE slightly more life threatening circumstances for fire and law enforcement to deal with. Short of ringing them, we call Sam. Honestly, he's more responsive - and a lot more fun. For turning our cold silver tech boxes into true creative playgrounds, he's simply the Man."

  • Happy Customers = Great Testimonials!

    "I have been a lifeguard in Los Angeles County for 42 years now, and there are two fundamentals that save lives on the beach: 1) RESCUE and 2) PREVENTION. When I met Sam, he became my "lifeguard"… not only did he rescue me from my iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iMac problems, but he put me on the cloud, sync'd them all to each other and otherwise prevented me from drowning in the riptide of my devices. Now has set me on a clear course of prevention from needing to be rescued again…  it is good to know, however, that if I ever do get in trouble, Sam will be there to save me!!!"

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  • Should you get an iPhone 6?

    The new iPhone 6 is here and pre-orders begin on Friday, Sept. 12th. Launch date is Sept. 19th. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND pre-ordering the phone on Apple’s online store or directly from your wireless carrier. If you qualify for the fully subsidized price the prices are $199, $299, $399 and $100 more for the 5.5” Users […]

  • Mavericks

    Why Upgrade to Mavericks 10.9?

    We advised waiting to upgrade to Mavericks 10.9—Apple’s brand new operating system—when this upgrade was first launched in early November, but the timing is now right, for a number of reasons: Since its release, 4 months ago, 3rd party Apps have ironed out their kinks and are now running smoothly with Mavericks. Apple has now […]

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