How we got started:

Sam Purkin began professionally providing assistance with Mac computers back in 1989. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Synthesis (based around the 1985 Mac Plus) from the renowned Berklee College of Music (1988), Sam moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Producing and Composing. His songwriting and computer talents quickly made him the ‘go to’ guy for anything Apple in the Professional recording world. With clients like Trevor Horn, Beck, Rickie Lee Jones & Patricia Arquette, he became known in celebrity circles. He wasn’t just someone who spoke tech, but had his own recording studio and used the gear in the same professional manner as his contemporaries. Clients really loved this as Sam could relate to the day to day issues that came up with maintaining a Mac in the recording environment. He helped his clients with invaluable preventive care, keeping their studios and rigs running in perfect form.

Sam’s wife, Orna, joined him in the business, and in 2008, Sam & Company was formed. Orna manages the business, sets up appointments and edits their soon-to-be monthly newsletter. They now have 7 top computer consultants covering both Apple & PC computers.


Sam Purkin
Sam & Company was formed in 2008 and now services clients from LA to London. He and his amazing team of consultants always have their finger on the pulse of the tech world to provide clients with the best Apple experience possible. They make using your hi-tech devices a dream. Read Sam’s full bio >>

Orna Purkin
Vice-President of Sam & Company & Creator of OrnaBakes

“The thing about Orna is when you hear her voice, you just want to crawl into her world and get to know her. She has such a clear open sound, no gimmicks, no tricks, just a pure voice. A true song stylist.” Brian Bromberg, producer.
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We specialize in all things Apple, helping clients all over the Los Angeles and metropolitan NY areas. We provide both On-Site and Remote Connections to help you save those photos you thought you had lost for good, sync all your calendars, make sure your data is backed up, etc.

What we do:

  • Mountain Lion OSX Upgrades
  • iOS 6
  • Purchasing Advice—discount pricing
  • Remote Help—We connect in seconds wherever you are
  • Data Protection—Time Machine, Clone HD & Secure Offsite Backup
  • Internet Security—Anti Virus protection, parental controls
  • Windows Integration—Parallels Desktop/ Windows 7 installs
  • Home Theater Entertainment—Apple TV, Control 4 full home automation
  • Switching from PC to Mac—our experts make it a breeze
  • Web Design-Web and iPhone/iPad Application development. Get your app built!
  • Tutoring—All ages and levels

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We LOVE what we do, and we love to help people enjoy their Apple products to their fullest. We make sure that you don’t feel intimidated by technology, but use it to enhance your daily existence—be it with your family, in your place of business, or when you’re out and about.

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