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Sam & Company is a specialized Macintosh consulting firm, providing business support solutions to the greater Los Angeles area for 25 years. We are the premiere computer consultants to the top galleries and art dealers in the Los Angeles area, with recent expansion to New York.

We have been installing, configuring and maintaining ArtBase in galleries since its inception in 2002.

We have personally worked with Bruce Velick, developer of ArtStacks, for over 15 years deploying ArtStacks in various galleries throughout Los Angeles.

Our extensive client base includes:

  • Barbara Guggenheim

  • Denenberg Fine Arts

  • Gemini G.E.L.

  • Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art

  • Leslie Sacks Fine Art

  • Louis Stern Fine Arts

  • Margo Leavin Gallery

  • Peter Fetterman Gallery

  • Regen Projects

  • Roberts & Tilton

  • Skidmore Contemporary Art

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“Finding a good IT person can be a difficult task.  Our gallery clients often ask us to recommend them as we have daily experience in dealing with dozens of hardware companies around the country. I am pleased to recommend Sam Purkin and his staff.  They have been exceptional, patient, friendly, knowledgeable consultants for many of our clients.  Plus they have a lot of experience with all of the ins and outs of our gallery software, ArtBase.  They are a joy to work with and I would recommend them highly.”
Tanya Van Sant
(President – ArtBase, NY)

A few examples of the invaluable services we provide:

  • ArtBase and ArtStacks installation, configuration and maintenance. ArtBase is now available in a mobile solution, giving you the ability to see your images, financials, and history of your inventory while on the go. Works great on the iPad and iPhone.
  • Wired and wireless networking.
  • Remotely connect to your gallery computers from any location—no need to drive back to the gallery to retrieve computer files.
  • Secure back up procedures—on and off site.
  • Website and FTP access.
  • Synchronize contacts, calendar and email between a variety of technologies including computers, mobile phones and iPads.
  • High resolution printing/monitor calibration experts—make your artwork printouts color accurate.
  • Scanner setup and tutorials.
  • Easily share and sync files between computers using modern technology systems such as DropBox and DropCopy.
  • Security/surveillance systems—view what is going on in your gallery from anywhere, at all times, even from your iPhone and iPad.
  • Provide computer consulting services for artist studios, implementing specialized programs and technological services to assist specifically with artist projects.
  • Search Engine Optimization—make your gallery more visible on the internet in a Google search.
  • Photoshop and Creative Suite installation and configuration specialists.

“There is no hesitation when one of my LA clients needs help with their hardware or networking… I immediately give them Sam Purkin’s number.  Now that Sam & Company has expanded to the East Coast, I will be recommending them to all of my NY clients with the utmost confidence.”
Bruce Velick  (President – ArtStacks, NY)

“Sam has been an indispensable resource for the gallery, tackling every computing challenge: hardware, software, networking, ArtBase, upgrades, troubleshooting, backups, crashes, wiring… the list goes on and on. He is efficient, trustworthy, patient, and a consistent source of insightful suggestions. Tackling problems with skill and good humor, Sam is a pleasure to work with and has saved many a computer from being thrown out the window.”
Wendy Brandow  (Director – Margo Leavin Gallery, Los Angeles)

“Sam Purkin has been an invaluable resource for Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art for over 15 years. 
Our art gallery is dependent on maintaining state of the art technology. Sam has, from our first computer to our latest, overseen the acquisition, maintenance, and daily operation of our complex computer systems and network. Sam has developed a sub-specialty in arts management, aiding us in the selection and customization of two database systems for our specialized inventory and data management needs. Sam’s services are not limited to computers and their programs; he has given us expert advice in all areas of technology, including landline phone systems, iPhones, Blackberrys, cameras and audio-video systems. Sam’s easy-going personality makes working with him a pleasure; he is calm under pressure, he sums up the problems (if any) with ease, and goes about his work with a sense of humor. Sam takes care of our technical needs so that we can focus on the gallery business.”
Jonathan Novak  (Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art, Los Angeles)

“If you own a gallery, then you have a computer, and if you have a computer then you know how important it is to stay connected with the newest technology, or at the very least to keep things running smoothly. But more importantly, the question is, do you have a “computer guru?” Sam Purkin is the Mac expert to the Los Angeles art community. For over ten years now, Sam & Company has provided our gallery with the newest computer technology, including cutting edge networking systems, maintaining our system software and programs, while also suggesting vital innovative ways for us as gallery owners to improve our business. Sam is a consummate professional with years of experience and a pitch-perfect talent for trouble-shooting anything computer related. We highly recommend Sam Purkin’s services with the utmost confidence.”
Julie Roberts  (Roberts & Tilton, Culver City)

“Whether you need to be on top of your business or personal life, Sam is the way to go! Sam set up invaluable systems, connecting our offices in New York and LA in a way that’s easy enough for anyone to use. Investing the time with him tutoring me, I know that I will be able to save even more time and have better quality communication with our clients, friends and particularly inner office. Sam is a genius—he can teach anybody anything!”
Barbara Guggenheim  (Author, Art Consultant, LA – NY)

Dear Sam:

Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve only played with my iPad a little – but it is so cool I can’t believe it!

Seriously, I really only got this to show images on at the fair. But I’ve already learned that I can read my drafts and notes for my book on the dropbox. Amazing! I haven’t played with Evernote yet, but I will.

I see I no longer need to haul my laptop to New York with me. I can just take this. What an incredible notion!

Last but not least I had no idea you could watch NetFlix on it. And that the shows were FREE if you already subscribe.

I can’t believe I can now watch movies in bed comfortably without hauling out the bed tray and the old laptop we watch DVDs on.

Wow, Sam! Not only do I have a great business tool, I can actually watch movies!!!!!

I can’t believe it!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biggest of hugs,


– Lia Skidmore
Skidmore Contemporary Art

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