Some of our happy clients

“The problem with calling 911 when your computer goes down is there really ARE slightly more life threatening circumstances for fire and law enforcement to deal with. Short of ringing them, we call Sam. Honestly, he’s more responsive – and a lot more fun. For turning our cold silver tech boxes into true creative playgrounds, he’s simply the Man.”

– Amy Brenneman (actress, producer, writer) and Brad Silberling (director, writer, producer)

Using Sam & Company is like having a relative or neighbor you grew up with come over to your house with some good coffee and cookies… without having to come to your house, as Sam remotes right in to your computer (very cool)… and then proceeds to help you get the absolute most out of your Macs. Not only has Sam & Company helped me fix all things Apple, they have helped me turn my entire home into a full functioning Apple network that rivals the IT guys at my workplace. The thing I like best about Sam & Company is that while they are helping you maximize what you have bought (but have no idea how to use), they also take the time to TEACH you what is going on, so that you get 1-on-1 training WHILE you are getting your current problems solved. That’s a great 2-for-1. Simply one of the absolute best customer service experiences I have ever had.

– Drew Ohlmeyer (Sr. Bureau Producer, NFL Network)

“In our family we have a total of 16 Apple devices (Macs/iPads/iPhones/Apple TV) and couldn’t imagine keeping them in proper working order without Sam’s help. Sam keeps my iPhone and computers in sync and running smoothly. He has saved me so many times and always makes sure we are safely backed up. He has taught me how to organize my email, photos and iTunes to the point where I really feel comfortable with the technology. He keeps us current with all the latest technology and gadgets. He keeps our wifi and Bluetooth working smoothly—in the house and in the car. He can connect to us remotely and fix things in minutes. He has helped us out of many binds and at times when I’m sure it hasn’t been convenient for him. Sam simply rocks in every way! You can trust him with anything and everything. He is so much more than your typical computer guy. I couldn’t recommend Sam more highly!”
– Katrina Carlson (Recording Artist)

“Sam Purkin has been our computer expert for over 6 years. He knows everything possible about our Macs, iPhones, iPods, iPads, etc. Sam is ‘The Man’. He helps us with everything from major computer problems to setting up new Apple products to printing our yearly Christmas card list. He can even do a lot of it remotely. If you have a Mac or want one—Sam can help you!”
– Stephanie Hermelee, Westlake Village

We rely on Sam & Company for many of our business computer needs, including updates to our system and data back-up processes, support to remote users, and trouble-shooting of problems with Macs and PCs.

Sam & one of his associates, Yarone, have consistently provided expert and professional assistance. They are very experienced with Macs and provide excellent solutions for preventing and resolving problems in a manner that reduces downtime for our business operations. They have been very responsive to our IT support needs. When we call for help, Sam & Company delivers as promised!

Sam & Company provides an efficient and cost-effective solution to our computer needs.
– Barbara Weir (Empathia Pacific, Inc.)

“There is only one man we go to in my hood! Sam’s the Man!”
– David Paich 
(Toto, Boz Scaggs, George Benson)

“Sam is my ‘go to’ guy when it comes to anything to do with anything, especially computers! A long time collaborator and colleague and someone I am proud to call my friend.”
– Nathan East 
(Bassist – Fourplay, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Anita Baker, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, George Harrison, Michael Jackson)

“Whether you need to be on top of your business or personal life, Sam is the way to go! Sam set up invaluable systems, connecting our offices in New York and LA in a way that’s easy enough for anyone to use. Investing the time with him tutoring me, I know that I will be able to save even more time and have better quality communication with our clients, friends and particularly inner office. Sam is a genius—he can teach anybody anything!”
– Barbara Guggenheim (Author, Art Consultant, LA – NY)


“Sam & Company is the best! I am so happy that I am now savvy with my desktop, iPhone, and iPad all due to their help. Sam Purkin knows everything there is to know about any Apple product. When I have my computer lessons he is very patient and explains everything so well that I understand it and can go back to my computer and use this newfound knowledge with ease. He has also helped my children with their various and ongoing high school projects. I am SO impressed and recommend him to all of my family and friends. Sam is the best of all the rest!!!!”
– Sharon Tesoriero, Westlake Village

“Sam Purkin is the mainstay for computer set up, programming, producing and organization for today’s musician. His expertise makes it easy and painless for artists and musicians to create. His knowledge of Macintosh makes him #1 in the business.”
– John “JR” Robinson (Drummer – George Benson, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Steve Winwood, Queen Latifah, Faith Hill.


“Imagine the ideal computer consultant—that describes Sam & Company. They will give you the inside information and goods on a massive range of computer products. Corporate? Musician? Technophile? Entrepreneur? They can address all your needs and questions.

And let’s hear it for consultants who speak non-techese. Sam and his Squad are approachable, understandable and quick to get to you, on your timetable not theirs. They are people people who relate to your needs and not just dictate do x then y. Sam Purkin has guided my company’s technological needs and development since I bought my first Mac 15 years ago.”
– Lou Paget (International Best Selling Author)

“For me, Sam is a lifesaver. His personal touch, easy access and solid tips have been of great help to me countless times. Sam-he-IS!”
– Greg Phillinganes 
(Keyboardist – Michael Jackson, Toto, George Benson, Lionel Richie, Eric Clapton, Barbra Streisand)

“Sam has been an indispensable resource for the gallery, tackling every computing challenge: hardware, software, networking, ArtBase, upgrades, troubleshooting, backups, crashes, wiring… the list goes on and on. He is efficient, trustworthy, patient, and a consistent source of insightful suggestions. Tackling problems with skill and good humor, Sam is a pleasure to work with and has saved many a computer from being thrown out the window.”
– Wendy Brandow (Director – Margo Leavin Gallery, Los Angeles)

Most everything we do centers around our computers. With system changes, upgrades and the worst thing of all, the dreaded computer crash….trying to keep up with it all can a full time job.  There is one person that I know who always has the right answer to any of my computer needs, and that’s Sam Purkin at Sam and Company. He’s always on top of the most current software and hardware, and any potential problems and incompatibilities that are always lurking about.
– Randy Waldman (Piano/Keyboards – Barbara Streisand, George Benson)

“Sam Purkin has been an invaluable resource for Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art for over 15 years. Our art gallery is dependent on maintaining state of the art technology. Sam has, from our first computer to our latest, overseen the acquisition, maintenance, and daily operation of our complex computer systems and network. Sam has developed a sub-specialty in arts management, aiding us in the selection and customization of two database systems for our specialized inventory and data management needs. Sam’s services are not limited to computers and their programs; he has given us expert advice in all areas of technology, including landline phone systems, iPhones, Blackberrys, cameras and audio- video systems. Sam’s easy-going personality makes working with him a pleasure; he is calm under pressure, he sums up the problems (if any) with ease, and goes about his work with a sense of humor. Sam takes care of our technical needs so that we can focus on the gallery business.”
– Jonathan Novak (Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art, Los Angeles)

“There is no hesitation when one of my LA clients needs help with their hardware or networking… I immediately give them Sam Purkin’s number. Now that Sam & Company has expanded to the East Coast, I will be recommending them to all of my NY clients with the utmost confidence.”
– Bruce Velick (President – ArtStacks, NY)

“If you own a gallery, then you have a computer, and if you have a computer then you know how important it is to stay connected with the newest technology, or at the very least to keep things running smoothly. But more importantly, the question is, do you have a “computer guru?” Sam Purkin is the Mac expert to the Los Angeles art community. For over ten years now, Sam & Company has provided our gallery with the newest computer technology, including cutting edge networking systems, maintaining our system software and programs, while also suggesting vital innovative ways for us as gallery owners to improve our business. Sam is a consummate professional with years of experience and a pitch-perfect talent for trouble-shooting anything computer related. We highly recommend Sam Purkin’s services with the utmost confidence.”
– Julie Roberts (Roberts & Tilton, Culver City)

“Finding a good IT person can be a difficult task. Our gallery clients often ask us to recommend them as we have daily experience in dealing with dozens of hardware companies around the country. I am pleased to recommend Sam Purkin and his staff. They have been exceptional, patient, friendly, knowledgeable consultants for many of our clients. Plus they have a lot of experience with all of the ins and outs of our gallery software, ArtBase. They are a joy to work with and I would recommend them highly.”
– Tanya Van Sant (President – ArtBase, NY)

“Apple stores are littered with ‘geniuses’. Trouble is, they’re not geniuses, they’re kids with a little training, and your whole life is in your computer. Would you have the local Chevy mechanic tweek your Ferrari? Sam Purkin is the original Mac Genius. With decades of experience and history, Sam knows everything Apple and Mac, iPhone and iPod, OSX, apps and utilities inside and out. He lives and breathes Apple. Sam’s beyond the best, and I’d be ‘toast’ without him.”
– Neil Stubenhaus 
(Bassist – Barbra Streisand, Quincy Jones, Anita Baker, George Benson, Elton John, Don Henley, Michael McDonald)

“Whenever I have computer problems I call Sam. In the past I have had other people work on my computer and it never seems to be right. That is not the case with Sam. He sets up the computer right the first time and always manages to deal with any updates and problems quickly and effectively. He is simply the best! It is not worth going to anyone else because in the end you will spend more time and money and not get the great results that Sam gives you. I don’t waste my time with any other computer support services – I just call Sam and he takes care of business quickly and efficiently.”
– Allegra Clegg 
(Producer – Transformers 1,2 & 3, Hancock, 13 Going on 30, Anger Management)

Dear Sam:

Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve only played with my iPad a little – but it is so cool I can’t believe it!

Seriously, I really only got this to show images on at the fair. But I’ve already learned that I can read my drafts and notes for my book on the dropbox. Amazing! I haven’t played with Evernote yet, but I will.

I see I no longer need to haul my laptop to New York with me. I can just take this. What an incredible notion!

Last but not least I had no idea you could watch NetFlix on it. And that the shows were FREE if you already subscribe.

I can’t believe I can now watch movies in bed comfortably without hauling out the bed tray and the old laptop we watch DVDs on.

Wow, Sam! Not only do I have a great business tool, I can actually watch movies!!!!!

I can’t believe it!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biggest of hugs,


-Lia Skidmore
Skidmore Contemporary Art


Sam has been my man for more years than I can remember. I have been a heavy, heavy Mac user since 1984 and have owned just about every model that has leaked out of Mr Job’s psyche, using large pro apps across the board: top-end multi-media & business apps of every kind. I used to do all my own tech work (and others too), hardware & software, with the occasional sorry visit to the local hardware ‘store’, repair palace and software arcade. Lamenting that there were not 30 hours in a day to administer my immense workload and growing family, sometime in the early PowerPC revolution, I fortuitously stumbled into Mr. Purkin! Here was someone who understood MOTU, Performer, Pro Tools, Photoshop, Microsoft products, even Quickbooks, not to mention the unfolding internet! And a great guy, to boot. A saviour on the hill! He has been by my side ever since. I could not have made it through all these twists and turns without him. And he has saved me and my businesses a great deal of money offering wise advice and rescue during times of data trauma, smoking hardware and new releases. All those years in LA, with him by my side. But now I am in London for very lengthy periods. Fortunately the world has turned and virtual Sam is still by my side, logging on and overseeing my set-up here. His oversight and knowledge of new products and IT in general is still cutting edge and invaluable to me and his universe. He’s the man. Look no further. I still need 30 hours though, any ideas Sam?

Roger Swallow (Los Angeles, London)


“What fantastic service I got from Sam & Company! I had tried everything I knew to fix the glitches (and there were many) on my Mac computer, including lugging the whole thing off to the Apple Store. In just a few minutes Sam identified exactly what the issues were and fixed it! Now I love my Mac again! A big thank you Sam!”

-Robyn Segel (Del Mar, CA)


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