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Rich Feldman

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Throughout his career, during work hiatus, between recordings, or during the years he lived in Santa Fe, Rich kept up his computer chops by consulting as a Macintosh technician. On set or during a recording, people would inherently look at their broken computer and say, “Lets get Rich, he’ll know how to fix it.”

In the winter of 2008, Rich struck out on his own as a Macintosh consultant with clients, Fleetwood Mac, The Syndicate, S3 Music, Downright Music, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Planet3, Schematic, Aurora Rising, Chromatic, We Are Royale, and Samuel French Inc.

Through an introduction by a mutual friend from Berklee College of Music, Rich met Sam & Orna, and created a working consulting partnership.

Yarone Levy

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Yarone Levy is originally from Tel Aviv, Israel.  After a move to Southern California in the late 70’s, he developed a keen interest in music and computers and studied both.  When he attended the University of Miami as a Studio Music/Jazz Guitar major in the mid-90’s, he began his deep involvement with the Macintosh.  As a musician, the Macintosh was the premier platform to use and still is, and his ability to set up a great system, troubleshoot problems, and translate computer terminology into plain English made him in demand by his peers as well as others on the Mac platform.  Having moved back to Los Angeles after college, Yarone has continued his work in music and the Mac.  His Mac consulting clients include notable figures and companies in the fields of music, photography, law, business and more.  As a musician, his live and recorded credits include the American Idol Stars in Concert tours, Dave Koz, Brian Simpson, Ugly Betty, Malcolm In The Middle, Ally McBeal, Boston Public and Fame, as well his own projects, which have garnered international sales and radio airplay.  He lives in L.A. with his wife and son.

LA-9502Jon Brandi

Jon is a native Bostonian (east coastah!) with 10 years experience as a leading quality assurance analyst and desktop support technician.
He has a comprehensive knowledge of PCs but is thrilled to be working in the brilliantly engineered world of Apple.

Jon believes that technology should enhance (not rule) our lives by allowing us to connect and do work with more efficiency, leading to a more fulfilling life. He understands it can be overwhelming to integrate and learn new technology when it’s ever changing in a fast paced world. Jon has the patience to help and can effectively resolve technical issues to boot.

When he is not helping people integrate technology in their lives he can be found acting in feature length and short films, empowering individuals to achieve breakthroughs in wellness through personal training/coaching, and cultivating peace and awareness teaching yoga all over Los Angeles.

David Bawiec

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Born in Europe and having lived in 3 different countries by the age of 6, David started learning multiple languages at an early age. His endless love for music led him to Boston’s Berklee College of music, where he graduated with a triple-major degree in Film Scoring, Contemporary Writing & Production, and Songwriting.

Aside from being an accomplished composer for film/TV and a pop music producer, David has also always been very tech-oriented. He grew up on a PC and switched to a Mac in 2007—a life-changing moment! Soon enough some of the top Hollywood composers and musicians made this “computer magician” their go-to guy for all things tech. His artistic side allows him to translate all the crazy tech-talk into plain, easy-to-understand English. If he could get his grandma to love using the iPad, he’ll be able to help you with anything!

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