iPhone 4S Battery Life Issues

Are you having issues with your iPhone 4 battery on iOS 5?
Many of our clients have reported short battery life issues with their iPhone or iPhone 4S running Apple’s iOS5 operating system. While there may be a handful of factors at play here, it seems that the usual suggestions (turning off apps, hard-restarting the phone, etc.) have not fixed this issue. There are new reports that the following technique will result in much increased battery life.
This is just a temporary fix and we highly recommend that you do it!
According to iDownloadBlog, there is a reported bug in iOS 5 that causes the GPS-tracking, related to the automated time-zone function, to run constantly. This is the part of the phone that automatically changes time zones according to your current location, and may drain your battery very quickly.
To fix this bug, go to Settings (in iOS5 only) to Location Services and then scroll to System Services at the bottom. Then switch “Setting Time Zone” off.
Note: Apple finally acknowledged that there are possibly other issues with the battery in iOS5 and will release a fix in iOS 5.0.1 in a few weeks.

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