Sam’s Notes from the iPhone 5 Presentation – iTunes & iPods

New iTunes (late October)
New iTunes store on iPad
New iTunes for Mac/Windows – new store interface
Simpler to use – new mini player that also shows album art, easier to make playlists, easier search
iCloud sync of movie locations – stop a movie on your iPhone or iPad – pick up where you left off on other devices
When auditioning music – you can navigate other places without it stopping.
Up Next feature
iPods (October)
New iPod Nano – 7th generation
7 colors
FM tuner with DVR functionality – pause/rewind
Photos and Video too
Fitness and pedometer built in – no accessories needed for Nike+
Includes Bluetooth – wireless audio streaming to headphones or car audio
30 hours of music playback
New iPod Touch
Comes with wrist strap
1080p video with image stabilizing and iMovie right on the device
720p facetime HD camera
A5 Chip
5 Colors – silver black blue green red
New Headphones for all devices! – EarPod
Directed speaker port that directs the sound into the ear canal
scanned 100s of ears looking for similarities
3 ports on the ear pod.
EarPod’s available today – included with all new iPhones and iPods
iPod Nano 16GB – $149
iPod Touch – 32-$299 64-$399

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