iPad & iPhone Purchasing and setup:

Did you just purchase the iPad or iPhone or already have one and are now finding yourself lost in a world of questions. How to use it and benefit from it?  Which apps to get? How can I be more productive with it or stay more connected? This is a pretty typical syndrome and we can assist in make you an iPad/iPhone pro. Your day is full of valuable time, learn how the iPad/iPhone can connect you to better use and take advantage of it.

We will help you to:

  • Sync all your music and movies or specific playlists
  • Setup email on all devices and make sure the data syncs between them including messages you send and receive
  • Choose the best Free and Paid apps that apply to your needs
  • Get control over app purchases
  • Understand the 5 computer maximum linked to a single iTunes account and how to best use this for both Music & App purchases
  • Keep your iTunes libraries in sync between computers and iOS devices
  • Convert your DVD collection and get them onto your devices
  • Extract your favorite scenes from your movie collection
  • Understand how You Tube works, sign up for an account and see how much fun it can be
  • Use the new Home Sharing to stream any music or movies from iTunes to any of your iOS devices
  • Use Airplay to play music and movies from your iPhone to your Apple TV – amazing!
  • Find the best Bluetooth headphones to listen privately and wirelessly to your iPad
  • Find the coolest cases, screen protectors and covers to protect your devices
  • Find the coolest add-on gadgets like the ultimate iPad holder for using your iPad in bed!

Dear Sam:

Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve only played with my iPad a little – but it is so cool I can’t believe it!

Seriously, I really only got this to show images on at the fair. But I’ve already learned that I can read my drafts and notes for my book on the dropbox. Amazing! I haven’t played with Evernote yet, but I will.

I see I no longer need to haul my laptop to New York with me. I can just take this. What an incredible notion!

Last but not least I had no idea you could watch NetFlix on it. And that the shows were FREE if you already subscribe.

I can’t believe I can now watch movies in bed comfortably without hauling out the bed tray and the old laptop we watch DVDs on.

Wow, Sam! Not only do I have a great business tool, I can actually watch movies!!!!!

I can’t believe it!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biggest of hugs,


Lia Skidmore
Skidmore Contemporary Art

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