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Defined Entertainment

Defined Entertainment is one of the leading integration companies in the Los Angeles area. With experience that ranges from large scale media studios to personal screen rooms and social setting integration, Defined Entertainment is capable of supporting your needs.

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Imagine Video Services

Imagine Video Services provides professional and personalized videotape & Super 8 &16MM film archiving services in L.A.
From MiniDV, Hi8, VHS, 3/4″ U-Matic tapes to DVD or digital uncompressed Quicktime files on a external hard drive.

Trusted in the entertainment industry for over 10 years.



We have personally worked with Bruce Velick, developer of ArtStacks, for over 15 years deploying ArtStacks in various galleries throughout Los Angeles.

ArtStacks is the oldest gallery management software company in the marketplace today. Developed as a collaboration between a gallery owner and software programmer at Apple, the program takes advantage of both ease of use and the design aesthetics of Apple. ArtStacks is proud to run only on Apple computers. In the business of art, when it comes to both hardware and software, looks certainly count.

With over twenty years of artworld experience and listening to our clients,  the latest  version of ArtStacks, simply called “ASX”, is both elegant and very efficient. If you are  familiar with OS X, you will immediately be  comfortable working in ASX.  ArtStacks serves the business needs of art  galleries, private dealers, artists, private and corporate collections, and art consultants.



ArtBase has been providing the most powerful, easiest to use, luxury software program to galleries and art businesses since 1991. They provide software to galleries, artists, collections, foundations and museums.  They have thousands of clients all over the world using ArtBase.

ArtBase can be used natively on Macs, Windows, iPads and iPhones.  It can also be used from multiple locations.  ArtBase clients love their program because it is easy to use, does everything they need to function as a business and it works well.  They love the company because the support is unsurpassed.




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