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Bottom line is—you’re busy with your family and you don’t have time to read manuals!

Let one of Sam & Company’s experts give you a hands-on demonstration and help you to enjoy your Apple devices. Learn how to do it all on YOUR computer in YOUR home—not at a busy Apple Store.

We can even create short, custom video tutorials during your lessons for you to refer to at a later time.
Got a few questions after the lesson? No problem—we can connect remotely to your computer and refresh you memory in no time!

Some of the things we can help you with:

  • Sync your busy family Calendar & Address Book with your iMac, iPad, iPhone—all wirelessly!
  • Use FaceTime or Skype on your iPhone to see your kids from anywhere!

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  • Organize your vacation photos
  • Learn the quickest and easiest ways to fix up your photos with iPhoto, Aperture or Photoshop
  • Learn how to sync iPhoto libraries between computers
  • Create awesome slide shows and put them on MobileMe or YouTube to share with family and friends
  • Learn how to finally print photos that look just like the ones on your screen!


  • Create perfect music playlists for working out
  • Create playlists with music that’s all at the same tempo—great for jogging!
  • Transfer your DVD collection to your iPad




  • Create cool iMovies and put them on You Tube

Kids and more…

  • See what your kids are doing online using the latest security software—get emails sent to you with all the text from their chat sessions or see screen shots of every site they’ve been to
  • Setup wireless video cameras and see what’s going on at home from your iPhone or iPad
  • Get your XBox 360, Wii or Playstation 3 online for gaming
  • Learn how to use Pages to build newsletters and reports

At Home…

  • Organize your address book and print awesome labels for your holiday cards
  • Setup Netflix on your Apple TV, iPhone or iPad
  • Set your thermostat from your iPhone with a Control 4 system
  • Press a button on your iPhone and have the TV & Stereo turn on, the lights dim, even have the shades lowered!
  • Print wirelessly all over your home, even from your iPad or iPhone

On The Go…

  • See freeway traffic before you get in the car
  • Use your iPhone as a personal Hot Spot.  Finally have internet access on your laptop—anywhere!


  • Organize your email account—great tips and techniques to keep your inbox clean
  • Full Email sync between all devices—read an email on your iPhone and have it appear as ‘read’ on your laptop

“In our family we have a total of 16 Apple devices (Macs/iPads/iPhones/Apple TV) & couldn’t imagine keeping them in proper working order without Sam’s help. Sam keeps my iPhone & computers in sync & running smoothly. He has saved me so many times & always makes sure we are safely backed up. He has taught me how to organize my email, photos & iTunes to the point where I really feel comfortable with the technology. He keeps us current with all the latest technology & gadgets. He keeps our wifi & Bluetooth working smoothly – in the car & house. He can connect to us remotely & fix things in minutes. He has helped us out of many binds & at times when I’m sure it hasn’t been convenient for him. Sam simply rocks in every way! You can trust him with anything & everything. He is so much more than your typical computer guy. I couldn’t recommend Sam more highly!”
– Katrina Carlson (Recording Artist)

“Sam Purkin has been our computer expert for over 6 years. He knows everything possible about our Macs, iPhones, iPods, iPads, etc. Sam is “The Man”. He helps us with everything from major computer problems to setting up new Apple products to printing our yearly Christmas card list. He can even do a lot of it remotely. If you have a Mac or want one
– Sam can help you!”

– Stephanie Hermelee (Westlake Village)

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